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Letterbox Farm Collective Solstice Party

My time at Letterbox has not come to an end. I am looking to the next phase in my life with great optimism because the people that I have grown to know as friends have shown me that so much is possible. That dreams are not sad wishes but powerful anchors, and at the same time they propel you and the ones who hold your hand into a great joy. Thank you girls for inviting me into your home, feeding me tacos and all kinds of goodies, and filling my life with sunshine and magick. 

Letterbox farm

In the early days there was a greenhouse and some dirt. 

. . Perhaps I am His Grandmother . .

The host from the barn party called me his grandmother. Lucid. Translucent. Drunk. I didn't know what to make of it. So I dug up this old photo. I was thinking of Frida in her wedding veil and her indigenous clothing but I was also thinking of Babushka's and how I adored them after reading stories of them when I was a child. I would like to get to know more grandmothers. 

. . I Want To Be More Articulate . .

I have reveled in my literate laziness and maybe it is time I balance the fun of doing that with the mystery of eloquence. 

So now i might start capitalizing my words, especially my i's. Or no not quite. There is so much beauty in a humble "i". Grammer is such a mystery to me. But i do love words. Maybe poetry would suit me best. Then i may throw words together in any sensible or nonsensical way. Possibly without any regard for grammer, and then maybe just maybe i may be slightly acceptable to a literate ear. 

. . Look What I Did In The Garden . .

My mission to make proper garden beds. 
We had this shelf of asphalt that took up a big part of the garden bed. so i got to work with a chisel and hammer. it was so loud i needed ear plugs and of course goggles for safety. 

this is before i got started. if you look closely there is a pile of rocks hanging out in the middle of the bed. not sure why.

I added more soil, made a rock and brick border, planted an ivy plant and spread lots of flower seed. Those are 3 buckets of asphalt in the background.

Once the flowers start to grow i will add more moss to the edges of the rocks and spaces in between. 
Our backyard is filled with ferns and is a perfect place to make a secret garden with ivy, moss, ferns and flowers. 

Also Luna made her first catch!

. . Spring in the City . .

. . Goodbye Carob Indian . .

. . Chickens Are The Squirrels . .

. . Oceans Blue . .

. . Virgin Gorda B.V.I. . .

. . Boat Dreams . .

. . View From Our Cabin . .

. . Once Upon in Manchester . .

Manchester memories with great friends and a 5am bike and hike.